Why Should You Attend The Career Fair?

The MSE-NE Career Fair provides an opportunity you won’t find anywhere else. It’s the only career fair at the University of Florida created specifically to pair materials science or nuclear engineering students with multiple companies in search of MSE and NE majors to fill their internships and job openings.

This year, the entire MSE-NE Career Fair will be hosted by the UF Career Connections Center, offering both an In-person event on Sept. 29 and a virtual option via the CareerFair+ app on Sept. 30. CareerFair+ is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

All students (undergrad and graduate) are encouraged to attend. Even if you are a freshman or sophomore not yet looking for a job or internship, you should register and check it out anyway as it’s a great opportunity to establish a connection with potential future employers. It’s the perfect chance to get your foot in the door and make a great first impression.

UF MSE-NE Career Fair
Download the CareerFair+ app from the App Store or Google Play and SCROLL DOWN TO FOLLOW THE STEPS AND get registered today

Registration Opens

July 26

Resume Deadline

Sept. 20

Registration Closes

Sept. 28

In-Person Career Fair

Sept. 29

Virtual Career Fair

Sept. 30

Dress Code: Business Casual

Please wear business casual attire. Dressing appropriately goes a long way. We suggest wearing something that would make sense for the industry but is still professional dress. Avoid: ragged jeans, dirty sneakers, graphic T-shirts, or hats.

Tips for Success

Get Registered

     What To Do Right Now

  • Go to the Gator Career Link Fall Showcase of Events and choose I want to attend: As a Job Seeker
  • sign in as a Current Student (or create an account if you don’t already have one)
  • Complete the short questionnaire
  • If you plan to attend the virtual Career Fair, download the CareerFair+ app
  • On the bottom menu tab of the CareerFair+ app, choose MEETINGS to create your account
  • Complete your profile by uploading your resume and a good-quality headshot photo
  • Remember to log in to the app every day or so to see which companies have signed on to participate and schedule your interviews with them (NOTE: schedule window opens on Sep. 11, 8:00 am)


Check the Career Connections Center Events Schedule to get the latest on their POP UP CAREER SERVICES events

  • RESUME REVIEW AND ELEVATOR PITCH Bring your questions about how to compose a professional and strong resume. Your career coach will share observations and insights as an HR professional to help you to translate your experiences into your strengths and present them in an easy-to-read, professional way. Also, we’ll discuss how to engage with recruiters and how to start the conversation by introducing yourself. And, more importantly, how to answer the all-important question you’re bound to hear: “Tell me about yourself.”
  • HOW TO ACE AN INTERVIEW Bring your questions about how to ace an interview, how to prepare for a virtual interview and how to address some of the most commonly asked interview questions.
  • THE POWER OF LinkedIn Join us to discuss how to craft a strong presence on LinkedIn, how to leverage this professional network to build up meaningful connections and what are the key features you can use to level up.
  • Keep checking the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering Career Services website for event updates

Before the Career Fair

  • Register for the upcoming career fair
  • Research the attending companies that you are interested in and have questions prepared for their representatives
  • Practice your interviewing skills and sign-up for mock interviews with the Career Connections Center
  • Prepare your resume and have it critiqued at the Career Connections Center. Also, keep a .pdf of it handy to send out in case someone requests it
  • Keep checking the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering Career Services website for event updates

During the Career Fair

  • Be professional in your appearance and behavior
  • If utilizing an employer chat room, remember to speak respectfully and avoid shorthand, emojis, and casual language
  • When talking to employers, be confident, smile, look them in the eye and speak with humble self-assurance
  • Relax, have fun and enjoy the event

After the Career Fair

  • Send follow-up thank-you emails to your interviewers
  • Submit your resume and complete a job application online for the companies you are most interested in
  • Be reachable for company employers to contact you via phone or email – respond quickly!